19 03, 2024


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'Screen Alternative' Landscapes The digital age has so much to offer us these days in terms of connection, but when it comes to reconnecting with ourselves, we find that nature is really what we need.  Which got us thinking – Isn’t that what Outdoor Living is kind of about?  We create [...]

12 07, 2023

Home Vegetable Garden

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HOME-GROWN GROCERIES If you haven’t grown your own food before, it’s the perfect time to start.  We feel it’s one of those things that is simple to learn but can take a lifetime to master.  We aren’t masters yet by any means, but we do learn more each year, and since [...]

25 04, 2023

Quality Outdoor Cooking

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Quality Outdoor Cooking photography by Megan Geary Nothing says summer like making dinner outdoors, whether you’re firing up the grill, smoker, or fire or preparing a fresh salad from the garden.  Outdoor cooking comes in myriad forms, from firepits and grill stations to full-blown outdoor kitchens. Grill & [...]

4 07, 2022

Outdoor Entertaining

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Set the Mood: Ambiance for Outdoor Entertaining As designers of space, we understand that the feeling of your outdoor living space makes all the difference, and never is this more key than when it comes to outdoor entertaining.  The feeling we refer to as ‘ambiance’ could better be thought of as the transformative experience [...]

28 12, 2020

Trendspotting 2021

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Trendspotting 2021 We won’t be the first to express excitement about leaving 2020 behind.  There’s really no need to elaborate… we’re singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ for the days when we could see our favorite people in person.  But this New Year’s our hope for the future is strong.  We thought we’d [...]

15 06, 2020


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Notes From The Garden The J. Montgomery Studio Garden is more than just a spec garden for our clients.  It’s where some of us live and others of us work, a place of garden experimentation, and lately a shelter-in-place oasis.  It has also undergone many transformations over the years.  Though we design [...]

21 06, 2018

Summer Celebration

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Summer Celebration - Summertime, and the living’s easy… Days are long and that feeling is in the air again.  With summer truly upon us, we are looking forward to having gatherings of friends and family with the outdoors as our setting.  Here at J. Montgomery Designs, we are incurably creative people who are [...]