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Nothing says summer like making dinner outdoors, whether you’re firing up the grill, smoker, or fire or preparing a fresh salad from the garden.  Outdoor cooking comes in myriad forms, from firepits and grill stations to full-blown outdoor kitchens.

Grill & Chill

Shade garden with one dead shrub

If you or someone you know loves to grill, you know it’s an art form.  You’ve got to get in the “zone,” or possibly become “one with the kebabs.”  There are some who swear by charcoal and others who believe gas grilling is the only way.  We are grateful to help you “get your grill on,” however that looks for you.

If you like the casual outdoor grilling experience, all you need to add to the landscape is a spot that is ideal for grilling.  Wind protection and close proximity to the kitchen are our usual deciding factors.  If you move your grill around, it’s important to consider the surface of your grilling spot as something easy for wheels.  Of course, cleanliness is also a consideration, as grilling can get a little wild!  Either a sealed floor surface (tile, wood or concrete) or a surface you don’t care about getting grease on (lawn, crusher fines, etc.) keeps your grill station fresh.

We also love incorporating grills of all kinds into outdoor kitchen countertops, like the one in the image above.  This style is extra state-of-the-art with a warming drawer and a retractable lid (slides away into the counter when open… too cool.)  Big Green Egg is another popular favorite which fits easily into a countertop for a seamless effect.

Wood-Fire Wonders

Timeless Tuscan fountain in a lavender garden

We love all pizza…  a New York slice or Chicago-style pie… But we admit that wood-fire pizza might be in a league of its own.  We have many clients request pizza ovens right off the bat, their dedication to pizza is so strong!  A pizza oven is also a great statement…  We love designing with those elegant curves and traditional materials.  But let’s get back to the food.


Paella is another favorite wood-fire meal hailing from Spain (while it can also be done on a grill with great results, the traditional way in a blackened pan over a fit pit is the only way, in the author’s opinion!)  The Paella itself is delicious, but the preparation is half of the fun.  We once designed a firepit to accommodate a 5’ diameter Paella pan – talk about a great party!  Want to make your own?  Follow this link to Chef Billy Parisi’s Traditional Paella recipe.

Outdoor Kitchen Experience

Shade garden with one dead shrub

There are many considerations when designing an outdoor kitchen – Flow, counter space, storage, amenities such as refrigeration and sinks, and of course great hangout spots for your outdoor living experience.  We create our outdoor kitchens just like any room in your house – for maximum comfort, ambiance and functionality.  But that’s nothing new, that’s just good design!

We hope you’re all having a beautiful summer!  From our studio to you~

The J.Montgomery Team

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