Ground Work
Stone staircase in landscape with lush greenery

Landscape Architecture is the design of space on every level – At our eye level, above our heads, and on the ground plane beneath our feet. The ground is an often-overlooked aspect of design, but it has the ability to define space and create interest within the landscape. Here we focus on a few of our favorite ways to define spaces from the ground up.

Rooms in the Landscape

Zen fountain with blue star creeper groundcover through paver patio

“Rooms” in the landscape are spaces that have been defined visually as places of rest.  This “room” above, for example, is created for the purpose of tranquility, as well as a transition space between the ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ world.  Coming home from a long day, the sight of this Zen fountain leaves you wondering what stress is and why you were feeling it.  Even passing by on your way out, you can’t help but notice its simple beauty, and take a deep breath, before stepping through the gate.

To make this space even more tranquil, Isotoma groundcover flows like water between warm-toned stone pavers.  Color has a very powerful effect on our psyche, so these choices were intentional ways of slowing and calming.  Stepping over masses of tiny blue stars makes you consider carefully where you step, slowing you down and bringing your attention to the details.

Pattern & Interruption

Contemporary pavers lead through lawn

When working with large, flat areas of the landscape, breaking up the space can create visual interest and help to slow the viewer’s experience. In our fast-paced world, we all sometimes need a reminder to slow down and enjoy our leisure time! The detailing in this poolside walk above bridges the space between lawn and concrete in a unique way, and causes us to slow and appreciate the detail of the design instead of rushing.

Borders & Boundaries

Used brick path with border wall

Borders create delineations in the landscape, and have the ability to serve as boundaries, which can be very useful for organizing space.  Note how the low wall above forms an effective boundary for the planting and leads the eye down the path, despite its short stature.  Never underestimate the power of suggestion!  Even low walls and borders define the circulation, or how people will move through a space – One of the most important elements of good design.

All About the Unusual

Decorative storm drain by Urban Accessories

We are always game for the chance to do something unique and unexpected.  Which is why when it comes to material details, we are maybe just a little bit obsessed with new ideas that challenge the norm.  Have you ever thought about storm drains?*  Why should they be boring?  Apparently the talented folks at Urban Accessories had the same thought when they designed these fantastic drain covers.  Who wouldn’t be excited about this?  It’s a masterpiece!

*If you have never once thought about storm drains, we actually hear that is normal.  Pretty sure we just really, really love our jobs.

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