Embellishments For The Landscape
ripe persimmons in basket after a successful harvest

In creating outdoor living spaces, design is often in the details!  Whether designing a landscape from scratch or adding to the existing landscape, stylistic embellishments can completely change the overall effect of the space.  Embellishments personalize the home landscape and reflect your unique style, for a fun, relaxing outdoor living experience that is all your own!

Embellishment Themes

When designing new landscapes, we rely on continuity for a seamless effect.  Homes have a real impact on their surroundings, and we often echo the architecture of a home in the embellishments we choose.  If you have a home with strong architecture or with a unique theme, what a great opportunity to bring cohesive elements into your surrounding landscape!  For the traditional home, urns with topiaries and other classical ornamentation add a touch of timeless beauty.  A sundial or classical garden sculpture might be in order.  For the contemporary home, edgy Cor-ten steel or polished concrete might be used to accent, and for the Mediterranean home, perhaps a Tuscan-style fountain or Spanish tile.

This traditional Victorian home really called for urns with topiaries!  But our clients weren’t interested in too much formality, so we softened the landscape with wooden accent furniture and sweet cushions that fit right in.  (Notice they match the paint colors?)  These simple, functional embellishments really make the landscape part of the home.

This outdoor patio extension of a ‘Casa California’ home required a very different approach!  Every embellishment detail, from the custom-tiled fountain, to the saltillo tile floor, to the pots with tropical plants and the table settings, goes with the theme.

Color Schemes

Especially in designing a big space, having a repeating element is crucial to tie it all together.  If you don’t have an intense theme going on (like in the landscapes above), we recommend a repeating color, material (such as brick), or even repeating the same seasonal embellishments, like a cluster of lanterns or matching potted plants, in multiple areas.

This tile wall-fountain makes a statement akin to a spectacular work of art!  When designing it, we realized the power of the tile as a cohesive embellishment, and, by extension, we realized the power of blue!  In addition to being featured on this fountain, this same tile appears on a nearby fountain, in the spa, and in the outdoor kitchen detailing, while a matching blue heat-proof glass is used in the firepit.  And the outdoor furniture?  You guessed it- blue!


Just as within your home, it is the personal touches that make a landscape both comfortable and meaningful!  Artful touches can take the form of sculpture, antiques, water features, furniture and lighting elements that reflect your style.  A touch of whimsy can be added with a family heirloom or pieces that were made by the kids.  If you’re a collector, you might have some fantastic garage sale finds to work into the garden!  We love giving new life to these objects ourselves… Here at the J. Montgomery Studio, we have repurposed everything from bed frames to antique watering cans in our garden, and we are always on the lookout for more treasures!  We believe embellishment in the landscape should be personal, expressive, and of course, fun!

Young peaches may continue to ripen well into the winter

Here at J. Montgomery, we know that the right design touches can completely transform a space.  While we love creating new landscapes, we also love breathing new life into existing ones.  If you need inspiration for embellishing your landscape, our designers are available for on-site consultation and finished designs, right down to the last detail.  Contact us to get started!