Design for Play
Poolside sand beach entrance

For so many of our clients, play is an important part of relaxation, and summer is the perfect time to embrace outdoor play-spaces!  Having a place to unwind outdoors is something we all need, whatever form your leisure activities take.  For some of us, it’s sports – golf, sand volleyball, or swimming.  For others it’s a drink with friends and a few rounds of bocce ball.  And for the kids among us, it’s the chance to play with friends, with parents, or alone with their imaginations.  Since play means different things to different people, we specialize in creating outdoor play-spaces for everyone.

Bocce court in a California landscape

Designed play-spaces for many may be in close proximity to entertainment areas, seating areas or outdoor dining, where games can be played with friends over a drink or hors d’oeuvres.  Bocce courts, horseshoe pits, and darts have all been popular additions to the outdoor entertaining space in recent years.  Also attractive landscape elements, they add to the ambiance while offering a fun option for your guests.

At-Home Sports
Home golf course

For the sporty types, all types of sports courts, golf putting greens, and lawns scaled as fields are ideal additions to any backyard!  Golf greens are particularly easy to maintain if done with faux turf (We know, we know… but actually the green plastic stuff is getting a lot nicer!  We are surprised by the realism of the newly developed ‘grass,’ and with no watering, no mowing, and no weeds to mess up your game, it does have its advantages.)

Home golf course
Kid Magnet
Poolside sand beach entrance

We know that kids will find play-spaces anywhere and everywhere, so when we design outdoor spaces for little ones, it’s with their antics in mind.  Creating a “Kid Magnet” landscape is a great challenge.  Keeping children active and engaged with friends, or enjoying the outdoors through adventure, imagination games, and safe risk-taking, is one thing we love!  We also know that planting gardens, daydreaming in the hammock, or catching bugs can be just as fun for kids, so our landscapes for young families often include spaces for these types of play.  Maybe because we are kids at heart, we love creating spaces for kids to be kids, and maybe because many of us are parents ourselves, we know the value of having them get their energy out in a home environment with adults nearby.

  The best part about creating unique home retreats is that we get to think outside of the box.  Sometimes, we don’t even want to leave our own yards when they’re this much fun.  This “beach” pool entrance gets a lot of sand castles and bare feet in the summertime.  We’ve also designed tree-houses, ‘secret’ garden swinging spots, and, recently, a labyrinth around a 100-year old oak that may or may not be magical.  Getting to use our imaginations is a great part of our job, but often these amazing ideas come to us from our genius clients.  We never cease to be inspired!

Childs bike in a family friendly landscape

Have a great idea for a play-space in your yard or a more family-friendly design for your home?  We are happy to help recreate your landscape to suit your lifestyle.  Contact our studio via our website for a free consultation, and let’s talk possibilities!


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